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Ajax for ASP.Net 1.1

Simple Ajax for ASP.Net 1.1 for Scratch…

I want to add an article under this heading.

I think if you want to learn the Ajax from the basic you should read this article.

check it out this link Ajax with ASP.Net1.1

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  1. nagarajan says:

    I want learn abt ajax

  2. senthi kumar says:


  3. vijays says:

    Hi Nagarajan, M L K and Senthi Kumar,

    Hello and welcome to my blog.
    I think we all are crew for the same destiny that is AJAX.
    I’ll try to update my blog daily,
    Currently i m busy with .net certification and ROR (Ruby On Rails).

    will continue with my findings

  4. Vijay says:

    Hi Friends,
    I found Ajax very easy to implement it with ASP.Net.
    I have found the solution on the
    I have try this approach with a bit different way.
    Study Suggested:
    1. First go with the tutorial
    2. Try some hands with the examples.
    3. Also, Ajax toolkit and Ajax Extension on Microsoft site.

    Best Wishes,

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