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Yesterday I’ve attended a presentation on Windows VISTA, Microsoft Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007. Its in hotel Intercontinental Nehru Place New Delhi.

I am very impressed with VISTA .

Some of the features of VISTA are

  • Version control capability.
  • Gadget in side bar.
  • Search feature in the start panel.
  • You can use the similar features in your application too.

Presented by Mr. Deepak Gulati.

Presentation has 5 sessions. First one about the VISTA, second one about Building secure and performent application by Mr. Vineet Gupta, third one about Building Connected Application by Mr. Pandurang Nayak
and demo on WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and the fourth and fifth one about Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 by Mr. Vinod Kumar M.

All the presenters were very active and very good in their topics.

It was really a nice experience.

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  1. karan panchal says:

    Hello vijay
    i read your ppt.but i have one problem regarding the print button in please if y have any solution then please mail me.
    Thanking in advanced.


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