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Presentation On BizTalk Server

Today I have attended a presentation on BizTalk Server in my company.

Before that I’ve heard about it n read somewhere in recruitment advertisements.

The presentation was too good that I got the perfect idea what it is and after some demos I feel more confident.

The presentation was by Mr. Pullak Pareja.

Hey he is Sr. System Analyst in my company and gives me full support on it.

I would like to share the presentation but not now.


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.Net RDLC Report Viewer Control

Hello Friends,

From last 6-7 months I am working on RDLC Reports.

I want to share my presentation on rdlc ; which was presented by me in my company.

This presentation is required more verbal information;

Please feel free for ask any question on this presentation and give me a chance to explore more in RDLC.

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Another C#

I’ve find out a new C# known as MC# (Master of Ceremonies # (Sharp) )

It is slightly diffrent from C# ,we are using with .Net FrameWork and the MONO (Wana know about Mono

There are two person behind the seen

Yury P. Serdyuk

Vadim B. Guzev

Its working on Linux too

Wana know more about it Follow the link


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Ajax for ASP.Net 1.1

Simple Ajax for ASP.Net 1.1 for Scratch…

I want to add an article under this heading.

I think if you want to learn the Ajax from the basic you should read this article.

check it out this link Ajax with ASP.Net1.1

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Crystal Reports

Yesterday i was working on Crystal reports.

Actually I am working on an Web Based Automation Application using ASP.Net and C#,

and want to include some crystal reports on it.

The problem faced by me was that the images and charts are not rendered on my page with the data. So I was searching for the Article on the Crystal reports and find this

Crystal Reports

I am using push model of Crystal Report; Storing DataSet in Cache and then using it as a DataSource to my Crystal Report.

I am using total manual coding to create Data Adapter and DataSet; But If i am not storing the DataSet into the cache it genrates an error at runtime that server unable to Deliver the information you are requesting; that’s why i am using cache object to store the DataSet.
Now i want to use pull model,

and want more flexiblity in Crystal Report.

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Check Out the link…how Do i

Get How Do i

Check this Link If you wana learn form the scratch about the following topics




and more…

This link bring you an page with links to download wmv file which gives you instruction about the topics.
Greate going by Mr. Brian Goldfarb .

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